January 27, 2021

AnHorn Medicines Envision Key Milestones in 2021 to Accelerate Early-stage Research

AnHorn Medicines, a novel drug discovery company, offering therapies that target and degrade disease-related proteins, announces key milestones for 2021, including the advancement of the Company’s pioneering BIGPRO® portfolio.
“AnHorn Medicines’s achievements in 2020, including the smooth establishment for research, operation and finance that support us for considerable progress in 2021,” said Dr. Lin, Founder and CEO of AnHorn Medicines. In addition, leveraging the capabilities of our AIMCADD® platform, we are advancing a broad portfolio of differentiated targeted protein degraders, which we believe have distinctive benefits over traditional small molecule approaches. This includes plans to advance Targeted Protein Degradation portfolio in anticancer areas, alongside continued investment in our discovery efforts.
2021 Anticipated Key Milestones:
1. Establish biology lab and expand office to support discovery projects in Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) and anticancer areas
2. Complete the proof of concept for two TPD projects
3. Advance 1-2 TPD projects into lead stage
4. Identify novel E3-adaptive proteins for TPD applications
5. Initiate round A financing plan to accelerate the research and organization expansion
6. Double the size of research team to advance the research pipeline
7. Continue to strengthen leadership team and team knowledge base
8. Continue the brand awareness initiatives through investor engagement and business partnership
9. Internal policy and process shaping
Recent Highlights:
In addition, AnHorn Medicines also provided an update on recent progress:
1. Overcame the synthetic challenges of BIGPRO® molecule and accelerate the output speed
2. Established and continual improving protein knowledge base associated with E3 Ligase
3. Grand opening for office and medicinal chemistry lab at Taipei biohub
4. Completed seed round financing plan

Up-coming Investor Events:
1. Online Premier for company progress by April
2. Physical Investor Day by June
3. Exhibit at Bio Asia-Taiwan Exhibition during July 22 – 25


AnHorn Medicines vision ourselves a shed of light in biotechnology, we are turning innovation to new therapeutics, and creating new opportunities to target difficult-to-treat diseases through our technology.

June 3, 2024
AnHorn Medicines to Present AI-Driven Drug Discovery in Protein Degradation at NVIDIA AI Summit in Taiwan
May 15, 2023
AnHorn Medicines Presents Research of Novel Protein Degrader for Topical Use at ISID Meeting 2023
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