November 23, 2020

AnHorn Medicines Founder Story

AnHorn Medicines was established in March 2020. Dr. Lin, the founder and CEO, is the former head of drug discovery team in a well-known Taiwan biotech company. After 20 years of devotion, Dr. Lin retired and founded AnHorn Medicines.


Dr. Lin envisions AnHorn Medicines at the forefront of the biotech industry to transcend boundaries in drug discovery. He once mentioned “Taiwan is a great place for biotechnology development thanks to the government well-established policies and strong talent pools. Even though AnHorn Medicines starts from small, we have strong experiences to differentiate the research quality and bring innovation to the field.”




The world is full of desire for better medical solutions especially by the suffering of COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Lin described “We are aware of a growing demand for better medical solutions around the globe. If Taiwan wants to be the one in fulfilling the needs, we should no longer form a company which “has no Research but the Development business focus only”. We have been losing the chance to nourish our scientific research talents compared to other countries; To differentiate from other biotech companies in Taiwan, Dr. Lin emphasized “AnHorn Medicines is a “Research major” biotech company, and the team possess over 20 years of research experiences. I want to empower the young generation to bring better medical solutions to the world by transferring my knowledge to them.” He shares “I feel thankful my team and I are passionate about our field of research. We need the talents who embrace unknown and uncertainties, and the person works as a team to fulfill the same company vision – creating new solutions to target difficult-to-treat diseases through technologies.”




Our field of research in “Protein degradation”, is still new in the Asia region; however, multiple startup biotech companies in the United States have made research progresses and draw attention to global pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Lin emphasized “Taiwan has a proven track record and mature expertise in the field of small molecule drug design. Protein degradation is an excellent entry point for us to enter the field of macromolecules, and we can transfer our knowledge into research results with speed.”


Since March this year, the team has achieved preliminary results in 8 months:
1. Chemistry and Biology team onboard and setup the lab in National Biotechnology Research Park
2. Establish and validate our proprietary AIMCADD platform with efficacy
3. All functions team onboard
4. Research fund approval from Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs
5. Office grand opening at National Biotechnology Research Park
6. Multiple projects move into the Hit stage and are under experiments


We are reaching the end of 2020. Dr. Lin shared “I am grateful my team joining this new company and feeling the same passion to the company vision. We look forward to the exciting journey in 2021.”


AnHorn Medicines vision ourselves a shed of light in biotechnology, we are turning innovation to new therapeutics, and creating new opportunities to target difficult-to-treat diseases through our technology.

May 15, 2023
AnHorn Medicines Presents Research of Novel Protein Degrader for Topical Use at ISID Meeting 2023
May 8, 2023
Fragment Linker Prediction Using the Deep Encoder-Decoder Network for PROTACs Drug Design
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