Partnering with AnHorn

We have a strong belief in BIGPRO® – the one can treat the root cause of diseases and bring people to life-longer and healthier lives. We hope to achieve the mission in collaborations and partnerships with the leading academic institutions and drug research & development companies who share with the same vision. We recognize many more great ideas coming from the vast research community beyond AnHorn Medicines and the collaborations can achieve mutual success.

Why Collaborate with AnHorn

AnHorn possesses a strong force of R&D capabilities and knowledge in drug research. Our leadership team has well-built successful track records in the industry, bringing novel findings to new therapeutics. We will devote heavily in research infrastructure necessary to perform cutting-edge science (including state-of-the-art knowledge in computational simulation in medicinal chemistry and structural biology, artificial intelligence, and translational biology). We are confident that AnHorn will be an outstanding partner to advance promising collaborative programs.

AnHorn’s Areas of Interest

The key interest of therapeutic areas to AnHorn includes oncology, neurodegeneration, and age-related diseases. We are mostly interested in collaborating with external partners starting from research and early development stages around these focus therapeutic areas. We also actively seek novel discovery platforms in the areas of novel E3 ligase system, machine learning, and computation.

Types of Collaborations

AnHorn is flexible regarding how we structure our partnerships. Our preference is to be deeply engaged in collaborative research programs. Our collaborations can be a multilayer structure including but not limited to target selection, hit identification, lead optimization, preclinical candidate selection, and co-development product for novel targets, particularly in protein degradation areas.

If you would like to collaborate with AnHorn, please provide us with a non-confidential proposal that describes the opportunity, including scientific supporting data to:

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